Personal Safety Awareness

“It is sad to report that in this modern time, there is an increase in the crimes of robbery, theft and sexual assault”

This course has been designed by McCormack Training Limited to meet the need for personal safety and awareness. Employers are working with employees to help reduce the risk of such crimes and in doing so, reduce sickness and absenteeism and the cause of stress. It is empowering its employees to be confident, assertive, effective, professional people when at work or travelling to and from work.

As a result, delegates will be able to:

Identify and implement best practices for staff when working in isolation or working in peoples homes
Recognise safety measures in the workplace

Have a general awareness in there personal safety:

How to react in a breakdown situation
Using personal alarms or mobile phones
When travelling in and parking our cars
When travelling on foot
When travelling on public transport

McCormack Training Limited has drawn from is years of advanced training, using Suzy Lamplugh training techniques, to tailor-make the course to meet the clients’ needs. It could be used in conjunction with in-house training programmes either at client premises or at any one of our venues around the country helping to reduce the disruption to client services.

Course Content:

Car-park safety
Mobile phone safety
Personal Alarms
Personal safety awareness
Risk assessments relating to your personal safety
Travel by car
Travel on foot
Travel on public transport
Working in isolation
Working in peoples homes

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