In Memory of the founder of Taiho-Jutsu in the U.K


On the 3rd July 2012, at the age of 81, Sensei Eustace (10th Dan) passed away.

Sensei Eustace, a retired police sergeant who served in Sutton Coldfield was responsible for Introducing Taiho-Jutsu to the U.K in 1973.

Over the following years the art fell out of favour with the British police, taking too much time to train the officers and recruits and keep up the level of competence needed, despite this Sensei Eustace kept promoting and teaching the art under the banner of the B.T.J.A

Although Sensei Eustace and myself had some differences and debates over the direction the BTJA was taking, I would like to thank him for all the help, guidance and grades he gave me. 

Sensei Eustace was a man with a lot of passion for life, martial arts and a good cigar, his dedication, commitment and skills in Taiho-Jutsu were second to none.

This was apparent at his funeral where many family members, friends and top martial artists from various styles as well as Taiho-Jutsu came to pay their respects.

Thank you Sensei Eustace, Rest in peace.

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