Membership & Fees.
25 per year for both Adult and Juniors Members. Membership Renews September.

Sept - Sept 25
Dec - Sept 20
March - Sept 15
Jun - Sept 10
This covers Membership to GTJ Martial Arts as well as Insurance

Heavy Weight Gi's are available from 20
Light Weight Gi's are available from 15.

Badges for the Gi's are 5 each.
Grading Books are 3 each.
UKTJA Certs are 5 up to 1st Kyu
Please note when you join you agree to pay the annual fee in whole or over 12 monthly payments. We will give all interested students 2 free sessions to see if the style suits them.

The club will train for a minimum of 46 weeks out of 52, we may close for Xmas, New Year, Easter or School Holidays at Sensei's discretion.

Date's will be published in advance. Class times may be ammended to accomodate seminars or club trips. 

Adult & Black Belt Academy Training
Tue 7 - 8.30pm
Thu 7.30 - 9pm
Sunday 11.30 - 1pm
Junior Training
Tue 6 - 7pm
Sunday 10.30 - 11.30am
 Bronze Training Fee
240 per year paid or 12x 20 per Month
Choice of 1 class per week

 Junior Bronze Training Fee
210 per year paid or 12x 17.50 per Month
Choice of 1 Junior Class per week
Silver Training Fee
or 300 per year paid or 12x 25 per Month
Choice of 2 classes per week

 Junior Silver Training Fee
240 per year paid or 20.00 per Month.
2 Junior Classes per week

 Gold Training Fee
or 360 per year paid or 12x 30 per Month
3 classes per week
 Junior Black Belt Academy Training Fee
Please speak to Sensei for Details
Physical Intervention, Conflict Management, Stress Managment, Assertiveness training, Handcuffing, Anti Bullying, Confidence, Balance, Co-ordination, West Midlands, UDT, Taiho Jutsu, Taiho-Jutsu, Aikido, Judo, Ju Jitsu, JuiJitsu, BJJ, MMA, Sombo, Self Defence, Childrens Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Junior Classes, Kids Martial Arts, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham,
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