Physical Intervention
( Meets current SIA Guidelines )

150* for 2 day course ( 15 hours )

As from the 1st June 2010, legislation required that all new door supervisors requiring their SIA licence will need to attend a one day accredited physical intervention course.

McCormack Training Ltd has designed a full comprehensive programme that meets this requirement. Successful candidates upon completion of this one day course will be able to assess situations, decide whether Physical Intervention is necessary and, if so, the appropriate methods to be used.

Course Description:

This qualification is intended for anyone who may need to use physical intervention skills in
the workplace.

It is aimed at people who have already taken some form of conflict management training (involving non-physical ways of managing and avoiding conflict), but whose job roles put them in a position where it is likely that they also need training in physical intervention skills.

These skills are seen as forming part of an overall strategy designed to prevent and manage challenging, aggressive or violent behaviours.

Course Objective:

This qualification is aimed at qualified Door Supervisors who wish to extend their knowledge and skills whilst dealing with incidents of conflict without infringing current laws. It will enable the candidate to understand the boundaries within which they can safely operate.

This qualification is also relevant to many other sectors such as Guards, Bailiffs, Enforcement Officers or Anyone who may deal with challenging behaviour such as Nurses, Teachers or Social Workers. 

Learning Outcomes:

Contact & Withdraw
Disengagement Techniques
Escorting Techniques
Lead and support
Team Extraction

What are the benefits?

On successful completion of this one day course, delegates will receive a certificate in Physical Intervention Techniques.

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