GTJ Martial Arts Founder and Chief Instructor is...

Paul Lane - Sensei 

7th Dan UKTJA

Professional Qualifications.
Certificate in Education & Training
Physical Intervention Tutor (SIA & NHS Training)
Advanced Physical Intervention Tutor
Conflict Management Tutor
Handcuffing Instructor
SIA Door Supervisor
PFit Stress Managment Councellor
PFIt Lifestyle Consultation Councellor

Sports & Martial Arts Qualifications.
Taiho Jutsu 7th Dan
Kickboxing 1st Dan
Professor of Martial Arts Studies
MAAS Coach

British Taiho Jutsu Association Coach
British Aikido Association Coach
Master Diploma In Fitness Training & Sports Physiotherapy.
PADI Divemaster

During Paul's teenage years after a few close scrapes and street fights he joined the Freestylers/Trojan Thai Boxing gym in Wolverhampton.

He trained with some of the worlds top Thai Boxers and learned, by the way of some bloody noses and bruises how to fight and more importantly when not to! 
Many valuable lessons were learnt like " it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog". Several of these painful lessons by the world champion Evil Denton with Winston Walker & Winston White reinforcing the teachings and bruises! "That which does not kill us makes us stronger!"

In the mid 90's Paul studied with the British Self Defence Governing Body and took the "Advanced Teaching Cert in Personal Safety & Conflict Resolution". Around the same time he met Phil Collins Sensei who was a PTI for West Midlands Police Force and also a Black Belt in Taiho Jutsu. Taking up Sensei Collins offer, Paul attended and started training with the West Midlands Police Taiho Jutsu Club.
He now has around 25 years experience in Various Martial arts and has been teaching and coaching Taiho-Jutsu for over 20 years. 

Additional Instructor and Coach,

Toby Robins,
3rd Dan Taiho-Jutsu - Adult & Junior Sessions


Eden Lane-Butler & Josh Holyoak,
1st Kyu, Goshin Taiho-Jutsu. Junior Sessions.

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