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GTJ Training & Development is run by Paul Lane who is a  licenced McCormack Ltd Trainer.

Paul has trained and worked with Mr Andrew McCormack the Director of McCormack Traning Ltd for over 25 years and has watched the brand go from strength to strength.

Our Courses can be tailored to your needs and can fill the traning gap you may have

We offer Conflict Management, Physical Intervention, Advanced Physical Intervention, Handcuffing, Stress Management, Personal Safety & Awareness courses as well as Bespoke courses if you need specific skills taught.

Our training packages can be either certificated in house, or, if your company wants a nationaly recognised certificate through NOCN .

Training can be run at our centres in Birmingham or at a venue to suit yourselves nationally.

GTJ Martial arts provides training for Juniors and Seniors.
Juniors start from 5 years old and Seniors from 16 years old.

Our style is called Goshin Taiho-Jutsu which translates as Self Defence Arresting Art. It evolved from the original Taiho-Jutsu system introduced to the British Police in 1975 by Sensei Eustace who presented my first yellow belt right through to my 3rd Dan Black Belt.

It combines the arts of Aikido, Judo, Sombo and Kick Boxing to form a proven and effective martial art. No matter what situation you find yourself in GTJ will teach you techniques to keep you safe. 

We also focus on the legal aspects of the Art and try to make our students aware of the legal considerations behind their actions and when and when not to use it.

Physical Defence is always a last resort.

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